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Why Choose Think Academy U.S.

Scientific Curriculum Design
Think Academy firmly believes in the importance of scientific learning methods and personalized education for children, our content development team aims to provide suitable learning material and place students in classes that are evenly matched with their current learning level and goals.
In-Class and Out-Class Learning Module
Think Academy brings a problem-solving approach to "in-class" learning, helping students to engage and participate;"Out-class" office hour in the long-term courses further helps to solve homework and provide learning assurance.
Experienced Teachers from Top U.S Universities
Think Academy exeptional teachers are hand-picked via a rigorous selection process that has a passing rate of 2.0%. All hold degrees from Top U.S Universities, including Yale, Standford, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and many more.
Engaging Learning Platform Advancing Learning Interest
Think Academy student centered learning platform providing mini electronic prize to accompliment student's engagement and the learning report will help to check student's learning progress and the performance.

Our Programs

Accelerated Math

Think Academy’s accelerated long-term math classes are designed to ensure that students excel in both their respective school courses and in math competitions.

Chinese Learning

Think Academy chinese classes are specially designed for U.S. students who want to build solid chinese foundation by systematically learn Chinese speaking, writing and culture.

Trial Class

New to Think Academy? Receive the full Think Academy experience in our trial class, learn online with their peers, play virtual learning games, and more!

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