What is 1-On-1 Free Evaluation

15 Well-Designed Competency Questions
Your child will take a grade-specific evaluation exam. The exam results will give you a clear and holistic understanding of your childs' current math comprehension and abilities.
One-Hour In-Depth Analysis
Explain which concepts your child needs more guidance on; Outline a learning path to solve similar problems in future; Provide a customized and comprehensive future study plan.
Think Academy 1-On-1 Evaluation
Once the evaluation is completed, we hope your child will continue their learning adventure with one of our Think Academy courses.

What the 1-On-1 Evaluation Provides

An overview of the Think Academy mission and academic structure

A 40-minute child evaluation exam walkthrough

A 15-minute teacher / parent feedback and discussion

A customized and comprehensive future study plan

Give Your Child A Competitive Edge
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How the 1-On-1 Evaluation Works


Complete your entry assessment

Click "Evaluate Now" to start your child's evaluation. The test is around 40 mins, no calculator is allowed. Please let your child complete this evaluation on their own.
Evaluate Now

Directly register for courses or Book a 1-on-1 meeting

After completing the evaluation, the system will recommend a class based on the test, or you can book a one-on-one session with one of our teachers!

Attend 1-on-1 meeting after evaluation

If you choose to take the 1-on-1 meeting after evaluation, we will meet you on Zoom. During the meeting, our teacher will discuss the evaluation questions with your child and then discuss with you about the current maths aptitude level, and the next steps. The meeting will take 45-60 mins.

Next Steps

After the meeting, if your child wants to continue learning with Think Academy, our teacher will continue to guide, teach and assess your child as they grow in their mathematical skills!

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